Having Fun In The Presence Of God At ‘Prime Time’ Poolside Makerere

Saturday night is usually a time to let loose and put off all the stress that comes with the week days. On the other hand many university students find themselves in some famous hangout spots to do their usual thing. However, every Saturday at exactly 7 pm, in the centre of Makerere University, the students get into Prime Time. The Swimming pool becomes a cantata of gospel die-hards around campus.

The event is always fun-filled since it’s the only place where comedy meets music on one stage and it comes for free. It always has numerous music performances (specifically gospel) by upcoming musicians. Rib crackers around town are usually invited to do their thing. This weekly event also makes it a practice to have an inspirational speaker to talk about life and how to make the best out of it. This makes the weekend craze a balanced diet.

The Prime Time still attracts big crowds every Saturday at the Pool side.  


The tradition of mixing fun with praise and worship that has kept the students engaged over the years continues at Makerere University. Last Saturday’s edition was not different as the legasy continues.

First, you will be shocked by how creative the mind can get when its put to the test. In celebrating the university netball world cup victory for Uganda, some attendants were challenged to come up with a victory song each impromptu. We could not hold out excitement as we witnessed the finalists do a collabo mixing Luga-flo and RnB that was hilarious as well as ingenious.

The story telling sessions are still interesting.

Just after an educative drama about Trans-generational sex, the MC came and taught the students how to eat a samosa (I didn’t know such complex mathematics was involved). The three hour traffic is usually put to a stop by a campus news segment from Data Plate 911(interesting stage name right?) and the fun continued till prayer session.

Students enjoying plays and skits at last Saturday’s edition

In this era where having fun in the presence of God is good for your spiritual health; Prime Time at the Pool side is the place to be.

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