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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Photos Swell Fans’ expectations

To the massive devoted “Game Of Thrones” fans, HBO has released the new season’s first stills with production and behind-the-scenes photos showing some of the series’ best-loved (and loathed) characters.


Arya Stark punished and blind as we left her in season five


It seems pretty tense but we all know the Lannisters pay their dates

      Winter is coming, well spring…these images show a glimpse of the winter that lies ahead of HBO’s hit dragons-and-daggers fantasy series new season around the corner more specifically April 25.


At the end of last season when they had poisoned Jamie’s daughter


As usual expect this young Lannister to be as close to the bottle as possible

The standouts as expected include a white-eyed Arya Stark, blinded as punishment in the closing scenes of season 5, Sansa Stark who we last saw jumping off of an impossibly high wall, and who definitely looks like she’s seen a few thousand ghosts, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister.


Sansa Stark looks frozen from the last season when she jumped the wall with the supposed family who betrayed her family

While the stills confirm the return of many fan favorites, there is still one noteworthy absence. John Snow who was last seen apparently bleeding out in the snow, betrayed by his own men in season 5 is conspicuously absent from the images despite having featured on the season 6 poster .

The fan base has since speculated wildly upon his fate, but his appearance in a short teaser trailer  released December seems to suggest rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.


This young stark is one character to look forward to


These two wise men will still be playing administrative roles in the new season


Sansa looking hard


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