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“He Is Just A Toyboy” Hellen Lukoma Spits More Fire About EX Boyfriend

When city socialite and fashionista Hellen Lukoma landed on the news that her Ex-boyfriend was to be introduced by another woman, she spit more fire and labelled Dean Nsubuga a ‘toy boy’ who only sleeps around with women for survival when Chano8 contacted her.

“Don’t ask me anything about that toyboy who goes around the city sleeping with women for survival. Dean has never had any work address. When I was still with him, he would go to my shop and waste time there and in the evening we go home. It is me who used to finance him and pay home bills. When I got tired, I just threw him away” Hellen revealed to us

She went ahead and added that right now, Dean has no home and that he lives at her in- law’s homeboys quarter in Muyenga .“ That woman is the one housing him. He sleeps in the boys quarter with her”. She added.

Hellen Lukoma and Dean Nsubuga were once a hot item.

Dean and Hellen called it quits last year after almost 10 years living as man and wife.

Hellen Lukoma is a Ugandan, actress, model, fashion designer and singer. She is well known for her roles as Patra in the local drama series ‘The Hostel’, Hellen Mutungi on ‘Beneath The Lies’. She rose to fame as a member of the all-girl music group The Obsessions before venturing into modelling, fashion design and acting.

The socialite and fashionista broke-up with her longtime Boyfriend DeanNsubuga in a public spate. They washed their dirty linen in the public for all to see. Cheating accusations were the order of the day. Dean told the whole world, how he was tired of playing second best in their relationship after giving it all to the fashionista.  Dean posted and shared screenshots of things that happened between the two leading to their break up.


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