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“He Was A Good Man, He Was Human” Singer Jordin Sparks Pens Touching Tribute To Slain Black American Man George Floyd

American Multi-Platinum and award winning singer, songwriter and actress Jordin Brianna Sparks has penned down a very touching tribute to slain black American security guard George Floyd. The singer rose to fame in 2007 after winning the sixth season of American Idol at age 17 married to a black American although she is white.

In her long post shared on social media, she said Floyd who was murdered by four Minneapolis police officers did not deserve to be killed because ‘he didn’t resist arrest, begged for his life and yet they still killed him’. According to her, 46-year old Floyd was a good man.

“SAY HIS NAME. George Floyd, was murdered in broad daylight by a white officer FOR NO REASON. Even when he said “I can’t breathe!”…even when he cried out for his mama…even when he stopped breathing—this white, police officer never let up on his neck. He didn’t resist arrest, he begged for his life and they still killed him. HE WAS A GOOD MAN. PERIOD. HE WAS HUMAN. PERIOD”. She said.

Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder for killing Goerge Floyd

She also expressed her disappointment for the authorities especially police officers who mistreat blacks and keeps worrying for her husband and son because of the stories she sees in the news about black people being killed or violently arrested.

“I’m 1/2 white, 1/2 black but in the eyes of the world, I am black. My dad is black, my brother is black, my nieces, my dad’s side of my family, my husband & my son…
One night, @_danaisaiah was driving home from the gym in a rental car bc his car was in the shop. For some reason, he was pulled over. It was dark & there were two officers. I remember him texting me & telling me that he was pulled over…my whole body buckled. I was terrified. Dana would never hurt anyone, has no priors, has worked hard & cared for whatever community he’s in. But that doesn’t matter to racist people. They see his skin & think threat. Thankfully, he came home. But so many do not come home. So many do not get to see their babies again. The fear I felt for his life that night was very, very real. I feel it now. I’m angry, I’m shaking, my heart hasn’t stopped racing…I have to tell DJ one day that people will judge him just because he and his parents have melanin in their skin. I got up to write this after weeping while hugging DJ and praying for his safety. “Watch over my baby, keep my baby safe…” He pulled back and wiped my tears. Even he knows the heaviness of what we’re feeling even if he doesn’t understand it”.

Jordin Sparks worries for her husband and their son because of their ski color.

She concludes by sending a deep message and a call to everyone that, black lives matter too.

“If you are white, have black friends, spouses, lovers, kids, employers, pastors…this is your problem too. This is a call to you!! Black people are hurting, tired, living in fear for their life & angry about it & you wonder why. We have been marching & calling & writing…I have been in action calling the DA & will continue!! If you are white, we need you to USE YOUR VOICE and speak up about these injustices! Things will only change when those with privilege stand up & say NO MORE. Rest in Power, King. 💔 “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” #georgefloyd #justiceforfloyd

Jordin wants the world to spread love not hate.

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