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Helen Lukoma shares a nude photo on Instagram

It seems like it has become the norm for local celebrities and socialites to share or leak their nude pictures. Recently, Hb toxic Brenda’s nude pictures were leaked and She said it’s not a big deal that her photos are on social media.

“I am definitely not happy that my nude photos are out there, but there is nothing that I can do about them now. I cannot close Facebook, I cannot close WhatsApp and neither can I cover the eyes of anyone who wants to see them,” said the singer.

Looks like Helen Lukoma has also picked a page from Brenda’s book and decided to share her nude pictures on Instagram.

She captioned one of the pictures: “I would not change even if I wanted to. Embrace who you are. I love myself inside out. Proud of my body.”

Helen’s nudes joins a list of several local celebrities like Zari, Judith Heard, Farouk Sempala and Brenda among others, whose nude photos were leaked.

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