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Hellen Lukoma Shows Her Philanthropic Heart

Hellen Lukoma woke up early on Wednesday, called a few of her friends and hit the road to Mukono. Many didn’t know what was going on. They thought she was going to maybe shoot a video or visit friends but they were all surprised to learn that she was visiting Immaculate Nabatanzi, an old lady who appeared on one of the TV stations crying for help.

She appeared on the station asking for help because she has no job and looking after two handicapped children.

Hellen ran to her aide with soap, rice, posho and other items that she might need for this struggle.

At first, the musician was in her moods, taking selfies with Mrs Nabatanzi but on learning what she has been through, Hellen shed tears and at her story.

Nabatanzi says she has been abandoned by society and has to struggle to take care of her two disabled kids through doing different odd jobs. She was recently hit by another misfortune as her house was destroyed in a storm and she is now homeless.

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