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Hellen Lukoma And Rapper Fik Fameica Fight Over Song

On July 1st, 2017, fashionista,mode and singer Hellen Lukoma and rapper Fik Fameica sat down on round table and wrote a song together. Fik Fameica suggested the title of the song and came up with a name ‘Nyabo Sebo‘ and the two agreed on it. The next day they drove to producer Nessim’s studio and recorded the tunes audio song. It was later understood Lukoma is the incured the audio production costs

As we speak right now, what started as a cool decision to work together has now ended up into cat fights. Through a reliable source, Chano8 landed into information revealing how the two singers are fighting over the song. It has been established that after recording the audio which is almost a year old, Fik Fameica stubbornly refused to go for the video shoot with Lukoma over unclear reasons known to him, despite several attempts by Lukoma to have appear on set on top of her willingness to pay for all the video costs.

As Fik Fameica kept playing hide and seek games, Hellen Lukoma’s anger kept boiling each passing day. Having been dodged several times, Lukoma went ahead and shot the video alone

An insider from Hellen’s Camp reveals that  Fik Fameica’s management is trying as much as they can so that the video doesn’t get airplay. There is an allegation that Fik’s manager Karma Ivy is bribing TV stations not to play the video which  features Hellen Lukoma only. We shall keep you updated

Watch Nyabo Sebo video here


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