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Hellen Lukoma Causes Another Social Media Uproar With Semi Nude Photos

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It is understandable that one of the strategies secular female artistes use to get more mileage is by parading their bodies in skimpy cloths. This earns them a very big male fan base which to them is their hearts’ desire because their music videos have to move far and wide although this comes with a lot of public criticism attached to it.

Singer Hellen Lukoma is one of those artistes who have through the years been arousing controversy with her semi nude dress code. She mostly goes semi nude at events she is invited to perform at, in music videos and photo shoots. Some times she is always dressed up.

At the beginning of the year, social media users bashed her following the erotic dance moves she was pulling in the videos of her performance she shared on her Facebook page. She was mainly bashed because of whining her thin body in a way she thought was going to attract attention and likes but to her surprise, the videos got nothing but negative criticism.

A few hours ago, she did it again when she shared semi nude photos on her Facebook page again and captioned them saying “NJAGALA GWE Audio and video out Subscribe to my utube channel (hellen lukoma)”

Although the intention was to create more hype for her new ‘Njagala Gwe’ song’s video, it did not stop Facebook users from commenting on the photos negatively with many claiming she was semi nude and disgusting. Majority of the comments weren’t positive although she maintained her silence without replying to any one’s comment

By the time we went to press, the negative comments on these photos were still flying in and here are screens shots showing some.

Checkout the photos and the negative comments from the social media users

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