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Hellen Lukoma Lists Qualities Of A Man She Wants In ‘Strange’ Video

Hellen Lukoma has literally done everything in her life. She has been a musician, she has acted in films and owned a boutique among others. In all these, she hasn’t progressed as much as she thought just like how she hasn’t been lucky in her relationships perhaps driving her crazy to the extent that she posted a video on social media looking for love.

The former HB Toxic musician posted a clip on social media describing the kind of man she wants for a husband. She even changed her name to Belinda Nakabuggo in this specific clip.

I want a tall, chocolate man who also owns a car. I want someone who will invest in my business because I know how to sell fruits, onions and also roast gonja” she said of the conditions. She also said having an HIV test is a must as well.

When asked what she has to offer, the musician said that she will give birth to the man’s children because she already has five children each with a different father.

Lukoma looked a mess in this video with her hair disorganized, dressed in a long yellow dress and eating a banana.

We however got a sigh of relief after we later found out that she has been doing a series of videos dubbed ‘Felicia’z world’

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