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Hellen Lukoma Speaks Out On Her Newly Built House That Has Raised Eyebrows

City model, singer and fashionista Hellen Lukoma finally come out to defend herself over allegations that her newly  built mansion located in Kira is a gift from her lover to her. In a brief chat with Lukoma, she clearly stated that for the years she has worked, she has been saving money so her investment shouldn’t come as a surprise

“ People see us waking up in the morning and getting back home late in the night. All they think of us is negativity, but I have hassled myself through for the years I have been in this entertainment industry. There is no money I have gotten on a silver plate. I have worked my self out. The house is something small according to the plans I have for my future. That was just a snippet of what I am doing” Hellen said

A few weeks back Hellen Lukoma posted a big fenced house that is still under construction in the areas of Kira Municipality and it was since then rumoured that it belonged to her. Immediately the house’s photo was leaked on social media where critics revealed that it belonged to some tycoon who has been financing her lifestyle for long

This is Hellen Lukoma’s still under construction house that has raised eyebrows

Further allegations indicated that Hellen couldn’t have accumulated that much money needed to put up such a structure for the time she has been in the industry and that why it was rumored that the house is not hers

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