Hellen Lukoma’s Skimpy Dress Gets People Talking At Zzina Awards

Hellen Lukoma's Dress (right) got people talking

Wearing skimpy cloths in not something new singer and fashion designer Hellen Lukoma has began doing of late but she has through the years been getting people talking about some cloths she is seen clad in at the various events she has been at.

Last Friday night at the fourth and 2017’s edition of Zzina Awards, Hellen Lukoma was one of the invited guests to hand over the award of Best Fans Team to the specific winner. She surprised and got people especially men talking about the revealing dress she was clad in. The gold ‘daring’ dress had her back and thighs fully exposed, as if that was not enough, it also had slits on both sides of her right and left thighs.

While taking to the stage to hand over the award, Lukoma almost fell down but she clung on one of the microphones stands until she gained momentum to stand on her two fit in the high heeled pair of shoes she wore. All this was happening as revellers watched and cheered her on.

“I wore this dress for you people, you have excited me a lot.” Lukoma told the crowd and later went ahead to hand over the award of Best Fans Team which went to Sheebaholics. Like said above, the former HB Toxic girl crew Hellen Lukoma is used of this so were not surprised but we could let it go unnoticed.

“I dint know whether she does it to impress men or is she doing this to seek attention from the media.” One of the revellers was heard talking about Lukoma’s outfit.

She did the same thing last year at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) when she appeared in another gold dress which a very long slit that almost exposed her genitals.

See pictures here

Hellen Lukoma reading the winner of the award

Hellen Lukoma (right) handing over the award to Sheebaholics

Hellen Lukoma hugged Sheebah after her Team Sheebaholics won the award of best fans team


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