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“Her Head Needs To Be Checked”-Defiant Full Figure Responds After Catherine Kusasira Sued Her

When it comes to cursing and undermining people, motor mouthed singer Full Figure is so good at it, as a matter of fact, if at all you happen to provoke her, find any ways to apologize in order to avoid embarrassment because you might not want to hear the words that come out of her mouth.

Whether she is always at loggerheads with them, we don’t know but Full Figure has taken it as a habit to attack fellow artistes by undermining and cursing them using TV and radio interviews and social media as the some of the platforms. Golden Band’s singer Catherine Kusasira is one of them

A few days ago Kusasira dragged Full Figure to courts of law over her unethical conduct and she intends to teach her a lesson that is going to put a stop on Full Figure’s habit and she demands an apology which she is supposed to issue in two days or pay a fine of Ug Shs 300 million

However, Full Figure who said that Kusasira’s head needs check up is not moved despite the fact that she was sued. She adamantly refused to apologise and claims she is ready to go to jail

“I am ready for her and I am not ready to apologize to her. I really think some people’s heads need check up. I am ready for by anything coming ahead of me and I prepared for jail longtime” Arrogant Full Figure said

This is seemingly getting interesting and let us watch this space and see where this  whole Full Figure and Catherine Kusasira war ends.






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