Here Is All The Nitty Gritty From The Club Mega Fest

Photos by Habre Muriisa

It was a Saturday evening well spent at Sheraton Hotel gardens in Kampala, as the highly anticipated annual Club Mega Fest organised by Club Beer took place yesterday. This Festival is all about music showcases and for sure, the night’s performances were from top notch and celebrated  East African artistes.


Club Mega Fest 2016 was well attended

Comedian Salvado who was the host, sparked off the performances with artistes like the duo of Young Cardamom and Hab who performed songs like ‘Sida Mukyaalo’, ‘PSV’ among others. Next was Fik Fameika of the ‘Pistol’ song fame and later another duo Voltage Music popularly known for songs like ‘Tom and Jerry’ took over.


Comedian Salvado was the host


Young Cardamom (right) and Hab performing


Luga flow artiste Fik Fameika performed too


Voltage Music Duo had an energetic performance

The next performers were Tucker HD and Martha Smallz of Air Port Taxi music group. Shortly after their performance, Dj Aluda took the turn tables and threw the crowd whose tempo kept on increasing every passing second into a wild hard core reggae music mix of classic Reggae hits like ‘Come Around’, ‘Blind To You’, ‘Frenzy’, ‘It Nice’ among others.


Tucker HD and Martha Smallz

DJ Aluda

Dj Aluda got the revellers dancing to hard core Reggae Music


Revellers came in big numbers

The crowd truly enjoyed the Dj Aluda Session as the majority sipped on their Club beers. Maro was the next performer, followed by Maurice Kirya who did songs like ‘Busaabala’, ‘Ghost’ and later invited his brother Vampino with whom they performed his (Vampino’s) ‘Smart Wire’ tune.


Maro was there too


The King Of ‘Mwooyo’ (Soul Music) Maurice Kirya performing


Maurice Kirya and his elder brother Vampino performing


The next round of live Dj mixes was from self proclaimed Uganda’s Spin doctor Shiru who wowed the crowd showcasing his deejaying potential as the revellers ululated. He later introduced Mun G who excited the revellers more performing ‘Follow My Rules’, ‘Sejusa’ and ‘Virgin’songs.


Dj Shiru threw the crowd into a frenzy with live Dj mixes


Mun G


Sheila Soltoft was the co-host


Some of the revellers enjoying drinks


Navio followed next and he was simply flawless, he did part of his performance in the crowd with Ziza Bafana following, then Sheebah Karungi and finally Madoxx Ssematimaba who performed songs like ‘Ddembe’, ‘Omuyimbi’, ‘Easy’, ‘Omukwano’ and ‘Namagembe’


Hip Hop Star Navio


Ragga singer Ziza Bafana


Queen Sheebah Karungi was simply flawless


Madoxx Ssematima performing


Dr Jose Chameleone and Madoxx Ssematimba on stage


At 10 minutes past 11PM, Sauti Sol all the way from Kenya, took the stage with a lot of noise in form of welcome for the crew of 4. All clad in black leather jackets with gold stripes, black T shirts, pants and boots, they did their performances with a lot of energy and fans enjoyed them as they performed their songs like ‘I Wana Be Rich’, ‘Nerea’ and ‘Sura Yako’ and ‘Shake Yo Bam Bam’.


Sauti Sol put an energetic performance


Sauti Sol from Kenya


Former Miss Uganda Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah getting cozy with Baraza of Sauti Sol

Club Mega Fest was truly well attended, the performances were on point despite the fact that there were a few sound glitches which were later fixed.

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