Hilarious Reactions As Uganda Police Unveils New Uniform For Traffic Officers

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  • Uganda Police has unveiled new uniform for traffic officers.
  • The traffic police officers have since 2007 been wearing plain white uniform.
  • The new uniform is khaki, supplemented with white berets, belts and chevrons
  • The female officers have special black and white caps
  • The officers will also wear white leather gutters fasted on their jungle boots for other ranks.
  • Traffic Officers of and above the rank of AIP will not be required to wear white gutters on boots.
  • Hilarious Comments from Ugandans on social media over the new uniform

Even from a mile away, you could be able to see and notice traffic police officers because of their plain white uniform. That is what we have been used to since 2007 but not anymore as on Monday, Uganda Police unveiled new uniform which the traffic police will be wearing going forward.

The new uniform was unveiled by the Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye, who at the same time is the chairperson of Police Uniform Committee.

The change of uniform follows the 2019 Police Council meeting that recommended degazetting of four Uniforms, leaving a total number of 13 Uniforms form 17.

As opposed to the old plain white, the new uniform is now khaki which will be supplemented with a white beret (for males) and a belt, pair of chevrons but the females will be wearing specially made black and white caps.

Something unique about this uniform is a pair of white gutters which will fasted on the officers’ boots but only for those officers below the rank of AIP.

 “Each officer will be given two pairs of uniform and starting tomorrow, they will be donning the new uniforms,” Kasingye said on Monday.

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Asan Kasingye unveling the new Traffic Police uniform

Meanwhile, as soon as the photos of a few officers wearing the new uniform at the unveiling, made their way on the internet, social media users have since then had hilarious reactions about the uniform.

One of the twitter users identified as Private said “We may be unable to see them when they are standing along the road, inorder forass to change directions… Please maintain the white uniform”.

“It’s a uniform for a band . The white one was better , we see em from a far and we divert” commented a one Musa

“They so easy to spot in white … now in this colour yamawe” Joked Faisal

“This looks like some uniform for officers during colonialism. white is better just get them washing machines” Said Joshua

“But Who advised police on such a dull uniform…bring back the white one” Asked Denis

“Jesus those white things look like stockings for horses that play polo” Oscar joked also where as concerned Josh said “The white things on their legs, makes them look weird”









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