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Hilarious Response As Social Media Reacts To Michael Ross Being Thrown Off Stage

Let us stop pretending like it was funny yet it really wasn’t at all. Michael Ross who was at one time was the hottest local RnB singer and dancer was last Saturday thrown off stage in what can be seen as the worst kind of manhandle an artiste could ever deserve. 

This all happened at Speak Resort Munyonyo where the Johnnie Walker Soul and RnB Safari concert featuring American RnB sensation Ginuwine. Everything was moving on smoothly but midway his performance, Michael who managed to beat security joined him on stage not to sing with him but dance.

He successfully pulled some few dance moves but that was before the security personnel (bouncers) saw him and in a blink of an eye, they threw him back to where he was supposed to belong.

Even after attempts to resist in a way of showing the energetic men that he was simply dancing, it all did not help as they dragged and threw him off stage. Thank God for his fitness because he managed to stand on his feet but had it been an unfit person, something else could have happened.

At the concert’s press conference which took place at Mestil Hotel, Nsambya last Thursday, singer Ginuwine had allowed to a collabo with Michael Ross. This could have been the reason why he therefore took to the stage with all the confidence thinking that Ginuwine was going to recognize him but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

However much Michael Ross came out to apologize to the concert organisers that his intention was not to disrupt the concert, social media users (Twitter users in particular) have been throwing jibes at him and below is a compilation we gathered for you

Watch how Singer Michael Ross was thrown off stage

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