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Hip-Hop Legend 50 Cent TO Hold Crazy House Warming After Erecting 5-Star Mansion In Africa,

The whole world knows him for his hit songs like ‘In The Club’, ‘Candy Shop’ among others. He has a great history behind his success including being shot 9 times but stll surviving and he also is believed to be one of the richest musicians in the globe.

However, all didn’t go well for the Hip Hop legend as he was asked to pay a whooping 5 million dollars to Lavonia Leviston because he is said to have acquired Lavonia’s sex video she made with her boyfriend and also went ahead, added himself in as a crude commentator and then posted it on-line without her consent.

50 Cent then decided to declare himself bankrupt despite all his success in music and business. He filed the legal documents in the US Bankruptcy Court located in Hartford a few months back after he was ordered to pay 5 million dollars. The jury determined that the rapper had intentionally acquired the X-rated video in way of wanting to embarrass his music rival Rick Ross who has a child with Lavona Leviston.


50 Cent’s crib in Africa is ready for his ‘craziest house warming party’

News that is going on is that it’s surprising for a person who declared himself bankrupt, to build a five star mansion in one of the African countries which he didn’t disclose.  “My crib is almost finished in AFRICA. I’m gonna have the craziest House warming party ever. I’ll explain later. I got a good life Man.” Said 50 Cent, in a social media message.

The star  also posted a video on Instagram showing the house which has a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, workmen can be seen sweeping up around the grounds and swimming pool and a palace-like green compound.

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