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The Hits That Banged 2015

The music industry needs to thank 2015. I mean, the international community got our name rubbed in their faces this year. Big Trill Kaiza’s “Pretty Girls”, Eddy Kenzo and TIP Swizzy’s “Shake Your Body” and many others made it to the Trace Urban Request List.


BET Award Winner, Eddy Kenzo

Ofcourse, a BET award finally got the chance to travel on pothole-stricken roads when Eddy Kenzo brought it home, beating top African names like Sauti Sol (A ladies’ antidote) and Cassper Nyovest. Today, we look at the hits that stood out as best among the best of 2015, and the different artistes who achieved the afore mentioned successes.


East Africa’s Dynamic Duo, Radio and Weasel

In Retrospect:

To know our future, we need to appreciate the past. So before we look at our biggest songs of 2015, we need to respect the earlier releases of 2014, that still couldn’t go unmentioned this year. In no particular order, we appreciate Dr. Jose Chameleone’s ‘Wale Wale’ (whatever it meant), ‘Neera’ from the lanky yet talented Mozey Radio, ‘Bakuwe Kyonywa’ from Nutty Neithan,’ and  ‘ Love You Everyday’ from the big sized and XXL Bebe Cool (Bba Wa Zuena).

Jose Chamili

Heavy Weight Dr Jose Chameleone

BebeCool was there to represent

Big Size Bebe Cool

A special salute to King Saha, as we failed to decide which was better of ‘Gundeeze’ and ‘Mulirwana’. These were some of the biggest hits of last year that still infiltrated this one, and were still welcome.

The Honoured Bubbling Unders:

If the year were two months longer, these songs would have ended up as some of the top bangers on our countdown. Most were released towards the end of the year and thus didn’t get the needed airplay to make the countdown.

They will definitely be topping charts next year, and will fit in the retrospect section around this time in 2016. They include ‘Ebbaala’ by the ‘multi-coloured’ Daxx Kartel Omuryeeruba, ‘Turn Around’ by Allan Tonix, ‘Body to Body’ by the ever creative Nutty Neithan, Ziza Bafana’s ‘Agende’ and Mun*G’s ‘Ssente Ddiliwo’ among others.

The Countdown/Real Deal

These, in our observant opinion, are the songs that were released in 2015 and were mega bangers. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the official Chano8 year ender countdown.

  1. Omwoto- Gravity Omutujju

This is a song prepared by one of Uganda’s most energetic performers. Gravity borrows a leaf from the resistance song used by NRA fighters in the liberation struggle. He adds some of the epic punchlines that have made him a favourite among the public. The result was a heavy danceable bit that got many heads shaking all over.

  1. Simple Girl- Lillian Mbabazi

Lillian has set a trend as one of the most talented female artistes in the country. This is why when Simple Girl was released, we all knew it was bound for thw top. She mixed Luganda and English in her lyrics, and added icing to the cake with a 5star video shot in the west by Savy Films. It was a beautiful slow sensation song, albeit one she was proud of too.

  1. Woman- Juliana Kanyoomozi

In lieu with Lillian Mbabazi, Kanyoomozi is another of the powerhouse divas in the country. She has been at the helm of the Ugandan music industry for a while, and even won a PAM award when they were still valid. In woman, she hails the role of the ladies in the nation, using as little instrument work as possible so that her ever powerful voice would be more pronounced. It was a lovely song, no doubt it climbed this far.

  1. Otubatisa- Sheeba and Irene Ntale

Dancehall queen Sheeba, like the proverbial one in the bible, had to make a long trip to find what she wanted. She found it in the husky voice of Swangz Avenue’s Irene Ntale. Together, they picked out a pair of tight police uniform, and danced away in ‘Otubatiisa’, singing about a certain (lucky) guy who dated them both, and had a string of many other women. It was a contemporary song with a good beat, and the vibe propelled it forward to the best songs of the year.

  1. Memories- A Pass and Lillian Mbabazi

When you combine a tenor voiced male with silky voiced female, the returns are always worth the listen. The combo of Lillian and A Pass, with a touch of class from Nessim culminated into a song, which, like its title suggested, was  built to be etched in our memories.

  1. Go Mama- Bebe Cool

Having recently returned from nomination at the MAMA for best video, Bebe Cool wore a full white outfit and walked down the street to a reggae beat, with Sasha Vybz’ cameras on him, singing calmly to the parents asking them not to give up on their children. Good video, powerful message, great song.

  1. Mbilo Mbilo- Eddy Kenzo

This was the first post-BET award winning song. Kenzo sang about a woman that he loves, heaping all sorts of praise on her. He was backed by a group of talented cultural dancers and a blend of some of the best beats. Undeniably a hit.

  1. Byayanga- Mun*G

He is the guy who releases a song, and everytime, we question its meaning. Regardless, we go ahead and dance, and fall in love with it. This comical song with its even more comical video got us swaying to its every note. The beat was made by De Weezy, and on it Mun*G’s never ending creativity wowed us time and again.

  1. Wuuyo- A Pass

A Pass teamed up with Nessim as always to come up with a calm reggae beat onto which he crooned about his love. He used a remote location, with time-tested lovebirds Natasha Sinayobe and Michael Kasaija featuring. This was the song that affirmed A Pass’ versatility as an artiste, and the song that we closed our eyes and listened to with our hearts.

  1. Juicy- Radio and Weasel

After falling out with manager Jeff Kiwa, Radio and Weasel demonstrated why they are the most dynamic duo in the country. This was a good song, designed to fit the taste of every club goer and music listener. Savy Films executed the video with dexterity, and the song rode atop most charts for months. Without doubt, it is deservedly the biggest song of the year.

Others to name;

Guluma Nasomye– Ziza Bafana, Olle– Fille, Trouble Maker– A pass and Ekky, Katono Katono– Winnie Nwagi, Party Leo– Exodus, Everywhere I go– Bebe Cool.

A salute to the producers like Washington, Nessim (BADI Music), Nash Wonder (Monster Studio), Dr. Fizol (Avie Records) Nash (Swangz Avenue) Bushingtone and many others whose endless works have made 2015 what it was for our industry. In the same line, Video maestros like Sasha Vybz (Savy Films), Nolton George (NoltonMax) and Nani Artistic who competed with the likes of Clarence Peters and Enos Onik also need to be applauded.

It is a wrap for 2015. Better go out tonight, you could say goodbye to the year with most of these songs, and wait for more next year, because the music industry only gets better with time.

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