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Honestly don’t know this guy and the truth is, I don’t care… Pallaso hits back at Kasuku


Ugandan radio presenter Isaac Katende Kasuku commonly known as Kuku Wazabanga has made it his life’s mission to tarnish Pallaso’s name. The Dembe FM presenter has been using his ‘Talk and Talk’ show to throw insults at Pallaso saying that he’s just a ‘nothing doer with no talent’.

Pallaso who had chosen the high road and not stoop to Kasuku’s level, has decided to weigh in on the matter, saying Kasuku doesn’t put food on his table so he would care less about what he thinks or says.

The Omugongo star took to social media to further share his views;

“Concerned fans have approached me on various occasions telling me that some guy named Kasuku of Dembe FM has for two months now made it a daily habit to verbally throw insulting remarks at me on a respected national radio. I honestly don’t know this guy and the truth is, I don’t care,” Pallaso said.

“If that’s what he has to do to put food on his kids’ plates, then I can’t even be mad at him. Everybody does what they have to do for their kids to dine. If verbally insulting me drags listeners to his program, then I guess that’s the right thing to do.”

“But if he honestly gains nothing out of it then his life is such a shame. But I still refuse to back down for people that hate me for as long as I still got the ones that love me around.”

This isn’t the first time Kasuku has involved himself in wrangles with local celebrities, he was once beaten by Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim after he had revealed ‘false information’ about her. The case which later ended up in court was settled when Daniella agreed to pay Kasuku for the damages caused.

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