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Honourable Kadaga Goes Defensive About Witchcraft

After she was elected for the second term as the speaker of Parliament, honourable Rebecca Kadaga went to a shrine to thank her ancestors for the success. The media swarmed over her, saying she had practiced witchcraft.

Yesterday, the Eastern region Member of Parliament came out and discredited the circulating rumours saying that she’s not a devil worshiper.

“I have been severally accused of practicing witchcraft, worshipping evil spirits and syncretism but I do not think that those who practice witchcraft or indulge in acts of devil worshiping would do so in broad daylight and under the full glare of television and still cameras.” she said.


Honourable Rebecca Kadaga

“I also don’t think they would go to do so in the company of such big numbers of people as I was on the said day.”

She said that she is aware of the Baganda making pilgrimages to shrines, and they are never patronised.

“I know that clans in neighbouring Buganda often make pilgrimages to the shrines. Not once have I heard anyone condemning them for celebrating their ancestry or culture. I find it intriguing if not extremely interesting that I am being singled out for criticism for doing what all others do.”

Honourable Kadaga says her position as a Member of Parliament and Speaker of the Legislature do not make her less of a Musoga or a Ugandan.


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