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How Bebe Cool Helped Mother Of Sick Child Who Camped At His Gate

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On Friday last week, Bebe Cool announced how he was going to release a statement that was going to make a major impact on the Uganda music industry. He therefore lived by his word and shared the long awaited statement which had lots of information among which included informing us when his 2018 concert is.

That left aside, if you remember well, a few weeks ago, Bebe had shared a touching story of how a youthful mother with her very sick baby camped at his gate in the name of seeking for help. His initial thought was to quick the mother and her baby away from his gate but he was touched by the woman’s baby’s condition as well as how Bebe’s son embraced this sick baby.

 In short, the mother just wanted an air ticket and upkeep to fly her daughter to India for a heart Operation.

“I immediately thought of calling everyone of my many rich friends who are willing to offer help in such situations. I also took the initiative to visit Mulago hospital to confirm with Dr Sulaiman Lubega, the cardiologist for such cases.” Read part Bebe Cool’s statement.

Following the phone calls Bebe Cool made here and there, the woman’s dream of taking her sick baby to India for an operation finally came true

“At this moment, am happy to announce that Mr M N. Kishore, Managing Director Norvik Hospital with the help of Dr Richard Lukandwa through Mr Patrick Bitature of Skyz Hotel Naguru, has agreed to facilitate the treatment of six of these children in the best Heart Surgery facility in India.”  Bebe’s announcement further read

 Among these 6 children is the woman’s baby and we commend Bebe Cool for reaching out to the woman’s calling.

Here is the woman with her sick baby

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