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How Bobi Wine Was Voted President Of Inmates At Luzira Prison

 You must have heard or read in the news that musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine is the president elect of Luzira Prison Republic

This all came like a coincidence after he was remanded to Luzira prison on Monday which was the day the inmates had organised to vote their president. The nominations were done in the last Easter holidays followed by campaigns

After a week’s campaigns, one of the contenders Dr Bagendo proved to be an inch closer to victory, way ahead of the incumbent called Kifeesi. However, a few hours to the voting, things took a new twist after news came in that the Ghetto Gladiator was expected to join them as an inmate as well.

A one Bazito whom we are comfortable calling Bobi’s agent quickly asked the prison electoral commission that Bobi’s name be put on the ballot paper. The electoral commission chairperson Katoto first declined Bazito’s request but later forcefully allowed after pressure was mounted on him by fellow inmates who threatened beat him up if he didn’t put the ‘Kyarenga’ singer’s name on the ballot paper.

After Bobi’s arrival which was just 30 minutes to voting time, he was given only 10 minutes to campaign and after his speech, majority of the inmates shouted his name loud as they chanted ‘president president’. At this moment, contenders Bagendo and Kifeesi’s campaign managers had no option but to join the chants before voting kicked off

After an hour and a half of voting, the results were finally ready. Bobi Wine scored 90%, Bagendo 10% and Kifeesi came last with only 1% but to the prisoners surprise shock, Katoto who at some point was Kifeesi’s houseboy and right hand man announced Kifeesi as winner instead of Bobi Wine

This sparked of chaos as Katoto was chased around the prison by angry inmates who beat the hell out of him and dragged him to the high table where he unwillingly declared Bobi Wine winner

Bobi is set to appear in court on Thursday the 2nd of May for another hearing and if at all he is given bail, we don’t whether the inmates will vote another president again.

Bobi Wine cureently the president of inmates at Luzira prison




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