How Eddy Kenzo Made Triple History While Celebrating 10 Years In Music

The story started 10 years ago on the streets of Kampala as a young, determined and hard working street boy named Edrisah Musuza believed in himself and his talent and not only declared he would make it in life as a musician, but strived higher with persistence till he got the much-sort-after, yet elusive break-though.

He had toiled for 13 years from a tender age of 5 selling juice and water in the Nakivubo channels and doing other petty businesses to keep life going while fending for his siblings following the loss of his beloved mother.

Musuza who later adopted the stage name Eddy Kenzo, was born in Masaka started music at after primary while on the streets of Kampala in Nakivumbo to be specific and first featured in the song Yanimba alongside Mikie Wine in 2008.

Eddy Kenzo perfoeming theri collaboration with Mickey Wine. The song is still ig even after 10 years.

His breakthrough song ‘Stamina’ officially announced his entry onto the music scene in 2010 as it raved up airwaves across the country causing multiple ripples along the way. The rest like they say, is history.

Fast forward to 2014, Kenzo released ‘Sitya Loss’ one of the biggest hits this country has ever witnessed and will go down history lane as one of his best songs of all time that brought him international recognition and fame after the video went viral on internet.

It garnered millions of views in a short time especially as a result of the dance moves by the Ghetto Kids in the video which received massive critical global acclaim. This eventually led to him winning the much coveted BET (Viewer’s choice) Award.

Kenzo tells the story of how it all started from the streets and how Bobi Wine helped him record a song for free as he started his career, while on the other hand, Bebe Cool dissed him then

So, as Kenzo hit 10 years in the industry last year, it was inevitable to celebrate the milestone. The hype was massive and the buildup pointed to a successful show as the ‘Masaka Boy’ as is commonly known by his peers, prepared to celebrate a decade in the music industry. Friday January 4th was theD-day.


Kenzo decided that this celebration deserved to take place at a top venue and settled for the high-end Kampala Serena Hotel. Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga was lined up as chief guest and made his way early enough despite a heavy downpour.

By 8:30, Kenzo had already entered the first chapter in the history books as Victoria Hall was full to capacity even before any performances kicked off despite the freak storm that had caused physical damage and destruction to property in parts of the city as well as blackouts in key areas.

The VIP section was all filled-up as more than 50 tables were sold.


The show organized by KT promotions in conjunction with Big Talent and Fenon Records, kicked off officially at 9:27pm with hosts Flavia Namulindwa and Roger Mugisha welcoming the revellers.

The main man entered the stage in dramatic fashion dressed in robes holding a walking stick and later crowned as a Kikuyu King. This was the journey to yet another chapter in history books as he led a well choreographed presentation backed by his new Big Talent Band, spiced up by the Ghetto kids aka Triplets dancers and acrobats that lasted for about 5 hours – probably the longest at Serena.

Beenie Gnater and Cindy helped to add a dance-hall vibe to Kenzo’s production.

His stage production was broken into 4 sessions with his new song dedicated to 2019, being the highlight of the first one as he changed into an all black costume. He did several songs in this session before giving a chance for the Big Talent ladies led by Pia Pounds to showcase what they got.


The last and arguably the biggest and most significant piece of history Kenzo made was his successful attempt to unite long-sworn enemies and music rivals Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine who also doubles as Kyadondo East Member of Parliament.

He asked the two to join Katikiro at the front VIP table where they shook hands and embraced before seating together for the remainder of the concert. It did not just end here, but MC Roger Mugisha went further to invite the two on stage where Bobi who was given a chance to say something, confessed to have been ‘happy’ to see his ‘brother’ Bebe Cool after a long time.

L-R Zuena’s husband Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, Katikiro Peter Charles Mayiga and MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine enjoying the show.

We are not sure whether it was MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi and Zuena’s husband Moses Ssali on the same stage or Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool alongside Roger Mugisha.

This was the precursor for Kenzo to continue with his show deep into the wee hours of Saturday morning as he performed most of his hit songs like ‘Ogenda Kinzinsa’, ‘Mbirombiro’, ‘Akaserengeto’, ‘Maria Rosa’, ‘Zivuga’, ‘Zigido’, ‘Sembela Eno’ before concluding with Sitya Loss and Jubilation at 2am.

This concert would not be complete without his baby mama Rema stepping on stage and indeed she did it in style as she belted a few of her love songs accompanied by guitarist Charmant Mushaga.

Micky Wine, Cindy, Beenie Gunter and the trio of B2C are the others who performed at the concert sponsored by Airtel Uganda, Coca Cola and Bukedde.

The trio of B2C also brought in some RnB flavours as well as a tribute to late Mozeh Radio.

Although as usual, Fenon Records did a commendable job with the stage, sound and lighting, there were however too many stoppages and breaks for speeches which interfered and killed the flow of the production, dragging the event too long into the night. Eventually the revellers got fatigued and lost most of the vibrancy at the start but credit to Kenzo, most of them labored on till the end.

Kenzo’s Baby mama Rema crooning away at the celebration as guitarist Charmant Mushaga (not in picture) plucked the tunes.

Veteran music promoter, producer, singer and director Hope Mukasa being introduced to the crowd.

Bobi Wines’ wife Barbara Itungo(R) was also in attendance and shared the same VIP table.


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