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How Faded Singer Catherine Kusasira Won President Museveni’s Trust

A lot of questions have been asked why singer Catherine Kusasira was at the fore front of distributing money on behalf of the president yet she doesn’t hold any ministerial post in on the cabinet. The Golden Production Band member gave out Ug Shs 20 million each to the widows of the late Yasin Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s slain driver and to the late police officer Muhammad Kirumira’s father.

But all this has not come by mistake because the musician has been planning for this for a long time.

As other musicians were scheming for Ug Shs 400 million that the president gave them during their meeting at Speke Resort Munyonyo in 2016, Kusasira was scheming on how to get closer to the president.

She did this through the series of free performances she did during the several campaign trails the president had in different districts and we were also told that she had an insider who used to tip her on where the president would be on weekends. She set off earlier and when time for performances came, she would be the first on stage. This visibility caught the attention of the big man who brought her closer.

Catherine Kusasira handing over Ug Shs to the late police officer Muhammad Kirumira’s dad

On several occasions like during Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart concert, Kusasira was seated next to the president. Few people can get that close to him.

Catherine Kusasira has less time for her band and matter of fact, it was rumored that she’s no longer part of it although she came out and disregarded those rumors. She is more concentrated on a cause that she believes is going to get her billions and maybe a position in government.

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