How King Saha And Aziz Azion ‘Killed’ Slay Queens Softly At Roast And Rhyme

On Sunday all roads led to Jahazi Pier at the shores of Lake Victoria in Munyonyo as live music and roasted Muchomo enthusiasts congregated for the 8th edition of Roast and Rhyme ‘Sound On Strings Edition’.

As the Sunday sun sweltered through the tree branches at Jahazi Pier at around 3pm, the revellers also streamed in with the cool breeze escaping from the lake and wavering through the shrubs as it cooled own the afternoon heat at the shores.

As is usually the norm for a picnic setup event, dress code is strictly observed and maintained as floral, colorful with an African touch and accessorized with a hat or shades. Luckily for them, Swangz Avenue had a photobooth for them to take selfies and send to firnds and family.

The selfie moments were magical for some of the slay queens

It was a full house as the ladies dominated the event as usual.

The slay queens who once again dominated the Souls On Strings edition on Sunday did not disappoint on the fashion front as they donned all kinds of picnic and outdoor wear as they tried to outdo each other. The make up too was in all varieties of colors and shades as well as thickness on the skin.

They slithered in with swag, carefully adjusting their make up as they settled down on their mats with the occasional click here and there on their gadgets for social media updates.

It all started in a clam way as revellers settled on their mats while the soulful Shifah took to stage.

Notable on the day was former miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah fresh from being blessed with a monster ride by self-proclaimed prophet Elvis Mbonye who was slaying  it alongside actress Nana Kagga and Miss Uganda franchise holder Brenda Nanyonjo. Comedian Salvado Patrick Idringi, Producer Vince Musisi and Tonny Mutengu were reduced to bouncers as they took care of the slay mamas who had strategically camped near the stage.

Stella Nantumbwe(C) being taken care of by her friends at Roast And Rhyme.

With the Kika Troupe and Shifah Musisi together with Charmant Mushaga already warming up the stage, it was now Azizi Azion’s turn to do his thing. The slay queens could not hold up and just abandoned their meat and drinks as they sprung on their feet to join the ‘ladies man’ in singing along as he strung songs like ‘My Oxygen’, ‘Nakupenda’, ‘Wampisa’ , Beera Nange’, Nkumila Omukwano , and ‘Am Bad’ in a 2-hour session.

The ladies swarmed the area close to the stage and touched romanced their bodies as they wiggled to Aziz Azion’s enticing tunes. “Am all yours Aziz” yelled one. “I love you” shouted another as they jumped like excited toddlers who just got new toys.

They then took to the dance floor when they got the real feel of the music from Aziz Azion, Myco Ouma, and Weasel

KODAK Digital Still Camera

By the time King Saha stepped on stage, the mood was already set and the slayers had even come closer to the stage. Saha carefully picked his hit songs and serenaded the ladies as they surrendered their hearts and souls with hands lifted in air.

They screamed and touched his shoes as he poured out his heart to them with songs like Gundeese, Mwana Gwe and ‘Mpa Love’. By the time he dropped the beat for ‘Very Well’ the excitement was now turning into madness as they ladies unleashed erotic dance moves ranging from bend over to rub dubbing.

The slay queens could not have enough of King Saha as they fought to have a touch on him

Saha then killed them all with ‘Biri biri’s which is the front runner for song of the year and when Myco Ouma plugged the intro to signal its start, the queens melted like margarine on a hot pan with ecstasy and joy.

Saha had to re-do the song just to satisfy their thirst before leaving them yearning for more, till the event organized by Swangz Avenue and sponsored by Bell lager returns next year.


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