How Levixone Made History With The Turn The Replay Concert At Cricket Oval

This happens once in a blue moon but gospel artiste Levixone defied the odds by filling up Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday despite the doubting Thomases questioning the wisdom behind his decision to take the concert to one of Uganda’s biggest events venues.

Levixone had the hit song that had taken the airwaves by storm in ‘Turn The Replay’, he had the belief and confidence in himself, and above all, a strong faith in God that he would make it. With all these ingredients in palace, it was just a matter of time for something special to spark off..

With several of his friends from the gospel music industry lined up to curtain raise, the show kicked off in earnest with a power play as artistes after artiste performed till the G-Way illuminated the stage with  their colorful dress code and energetic dance moves.

The VIP section at Levixone’s Turn The Replay Concert was full to capacity

Talking about energetic performances, the Kenyan crew really had lots of energy with Alengo and DJ Mo doing the animation and mixing as the singers were ushered in one after the other. The engament with the crowd was tick to the point you could think these guys are actually Ugandans or live in Uganda. They would tell the crowd to wave this way that way and everyone would follow or teach them a new dance routine.

And when the Kenyan crew was done, it was Zambian Abel Chungu Musuka who changed the mood completely as he relaxed the mood and tempo with some inspirational songs that kept the crowd singing along with all the emotions written all over their faces.

It was now time for the top Ugandan artistes to step up as Exodus opened up this session accompanied by young dancers and did only  his top hits before leaving  the stage for Pastor Wilson Bugembe who received a thunderous applause . It was clear the crowd wanted more from him but time cut him short as the main man had to regain his crown of the night.

Just like the VIP section the ordinary section was packed too with fans struggling not to miss a bit of what was happening on stage

When Janzi band who did for him the live instrumentation finalized with testing the sound, the man of the night wasted no time and hopped onto the stage at 10pm dressed in a green shirt and white shirt with an over coat amidst wild cheers.

He did a recap of his music journey starting with some of his old hit songs as the crowd cheered him on as they threw their hands into the skies and waved handkerchiefs. He paid tribute to King Wesley who inspired him in music while starting his career from the ghettos and prayed for his soul to rest in eternal peace as the crowd flashed lights from their phones to create a heavenly feeling.

Levixone pours out his heart on his way to making history at Lugogo Cricket Oval

Levixone was at some point joined by his excited mother who danced to his tunes on stage as she waved a white handkerchief.

Coopy Bly, Ray Signature, Jackie Akello and Maurice Kirya joined him for their respective collaborations but it was secular artiste Eddy Kenzo who stole the lime light when Levixone invited him on stage, he thanked him for helping him in the journey and even giving him cash. For that he asked his fans to pray for the BET Award winner who despite being a Muslim, confessed he believes in the power of Jesus Christ and that, Jesus is ‘a good man’ before singing his own gospel song which he had just composed.

And for his efforts, Levixone was rewarded with a monster Mercedes Benz car by Captain Laneck a friend and fellow gospel musician who said he was ‘touched by the holy spirit. Pastor Bugingo who had earlier also supported Levixone by buying tables and pushing the concert through his radio stations, offered to fuel the car for him.

Levixone in shock as he is given a new Mercedez Benz by Laneck  on Saturda at Lugogo.

And when it was close to midnight, Bugingo who remained on stage was joined by the impressive and internationally acclaimed Ghetto Kids and G-Way dancers as Levixone closed with monster hit ‘Turn The Replay’ to inscribe his name in the history books as the first gospel artiste to pull a monster crowd in the much revered Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Levixone also received a portrait of himself from this artiste who was excited to step on the big stage.

Pastor Bugingo shows off his dancing skills as he challenges the Ghetto Kids to a paka Chini dance

Bigingo offered to fuel Levixone’s new car and promised to continue supporting the young artiste


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