How NBS TV’s Karitas Lost 300 Dollars At Miss Uganda 2019 Grand Finale

As we are still in the aftermath of the Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale scandals. On Monday morning NBS TV presenter Karitas Karisimbi presenter disclosed how she lost her handbag to unknown people

As her fans were busy consoling her following her bag’s loss, Karitas revealed that there was money worth USD 300 which she was probably planning to spend that night

“Among the things I lost in my handbag, there was money amounting to $300 and some other documents. I am still hoping the person who took off with it to just return, my documents and take the money” Karitas told our source.

Karitas and her friends were seated in the VIP section very close to the Miss Uganda Judges and her handbag was just on her right side on the table but in like a twinkle of an eye, she couldn’t see the bag anymore.

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Karitas immediately called security and tried to search around although it yielded nothing. Disappointed and angry Karitas didn’t wait to see the celebrations as she moved out of Sheraton Gardens cursing.

Surely the Miss Uganda 2019/20 grand finale will always be remembered with one of the key main things to remember being the Zari Hassan and Anita Fabiola childish and cheap squabble  that has been trending on social media since last Friday.

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