How Scribe Kabuleta’s ‘Weekly Rant’ Led Him In Big Trouble With Authorities

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Former journalist-turned-pastor Joseph Kabuleta was on Friday evening whisked away in a private owned vehicle registration number UBB 459D as he was heading to UMA Upper Grounds for his ‘The Watchman Fellowship’. 

The Police came out with a statement regarding Joseph Kabuleta agreeing that they are aware of his whereabouts. They also confirmed that it was because of his derogatory statements that led him into trouble.

“This is to inform that a team of detectives from Special Investigations Division has today arrested Joseph Kabuleta, a self-styled pastor and put him into custody,” reads a document that Fred Enanga, the press and public relations officer Uganda Police issued out.

The statement further reveals that he was arrested because of offensive communications against  the person of the president.

“According to preliminary information, the writer repeatedly posted grossly offensive messages under “Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns” referring to the Fountain of Honor as “a Gambler, Thief and Liar.”.This according to Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011 is not allowed.

They also warned the public that any posting of false fabrications on social  media will attract punishment in accordance with the laws.

Kabuleta is a seasoned sports journalist who later became a huge follower of Prophet Elvis Mbonye. He was criticized some years back for kissing Mbonye’s shoes in what seemed like an attempt of worshiping him as a god. His whereabouts remain unknown since his arrest on Friday

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