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How Tattoos Saved Sheebah From The Sex Tape Rumours

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The whole of last week, socilaite Jack Pemba and his ex-chick known as Honey Suleman were in the news over a leaked sex tape the chick accused Pemba of leaking.

Pemba came out to rubbish Suleman’s  accusations and distanced himself from ever leaking the video which almost broke the internet. However, just like any other sex tape news, Ugandans got over it too and moved on but towards the end of last week, another one featuring a girl who 90% resembled Sheebah made its way on the internet

The 8 second teasing video shows the bare back of the Sheebah lookalike panty-less while parading her oiled bum as it is being caressed by a man’s hand. What aroused all the ‘is it Sheebah?’ controversy was the fact that the girl later turns and shows her face making some people believe it was Sheebah but it was not the case.

It was all over the news from Friday and Saturday last week with different bloggers and vloggers spreading false news that the girl in the video was Sheebah until she finally cleared her name in this whole matter.

The ‘Nkwatako’ singer shared a photo of herself in the same posture like her lookalike’s in the video and the difference between her and the ‘sex tape girl’ can be told from the tattoos on her lower back

The girl in the video who happens to be a Tanzanian model and video vixen identified as Mary Baddests has no tattoos at on her back and she also has more flesh on the back as opposed to Sheebah.

The girl has more flesh on the back as opposed to Sheebah and tattoos on Sheebah’s lower back tell the difference


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