How The 2015-2016 Zzina Awards Went Down

The 2015-2016 100.2 Galaxy Fm’s Zzina Awards last night finally went down at the city centre based Theatre Labonita through a big attendance from fans, socialites, celebs and the artistes. I was a night full of fun all through by performances from comedians like Ronnie MC Vex who was the master of ceremonies, to Mad Rat and Chicko and MC King Kong.

At 9 pm the emcee Mr Vex started off the awarding ceremony with awarding the ‘Best Music Producer of year’, which was followed by the awarding the ‘Best Inspirational Song of the Year’.


Ronnie MC Vex was the host

MC King Kong

MC King Kong was there too after a come back from a fatal accident


Badi Music’s producer Nessim (Center) receiving his award of best music producer from Benon (in glasses)

Crowd at Zina

People came in large numbers to watch the awards

That led to a short break, leaving the stage for comedians Chicko and Mad Rat who cracked the crowd with their unending jokes. Thereafter, awarding of the ‘Best Afrobeat song of the year’, ‘Best Comedian’, ‘Best Contemporary RnB artiste’, ‘Best Fans Team’ followed immediately. That is when singer and pianist Steve Keys took the stage there by introducing Lydia Jazmine with whom they performed together. Winnie Nwagi and Sheebah took the stage last.


Comedians Chicko and Mad Rat cracked the crowd


Daxx Kartel raising his first ever music award of Best Afrobeat song ‘Baala’


The best contemporary RnB artiste was Maro

steve keys

Steve Keys performing

wiinie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi really put up a spectacular performance

Firebse army

Fire Base army was the Best Fans Team


People enjoying the proceedings of the awarding ceremony


Dancehall queen Sheebah truly represented

Shortly after, the ‘Best Collabo Song’ was next to be awarded followed by ‘Best Stage Performer’, ‘Best concert of the year’ and ‘Best rising star’. That ushered in Aga Naga’s performance which was later followed by awarding the ‘Best Legendary Artiste’ before the Ghetto Kids took stage and excited the crowd too. After them, ‘The Best Song Writer’ was awarded, then ‘Best Dancehall artiste’, ‘Best Luga Flow artiste’, ‘Best Show Bizz Personality’, ‘Male Artiste of The Year’ and finally ‘Best Song of the Year’.


Chris Evans and Rema Namakula’s ‘Linda’ was the best collabo song of the year


Daxx Kartel showing off his second award of Best rising Star

Aga naga

Khalifah Aga Naga did put up a good performance

Ragga Dee at ZZina

Veteran Singer Ragga Dee (R) after receiving his award of Legendary Artiste from the CEO Zzina Awards Mr. Innocent Nahabwe (L)


Zzina Awards’ Legendary Artiste Ragga Dee


And the best Luga Flow Artiste was Gravity Omutujju


David Lutalo was the Male Artiste of the year

Sheebah Hollics

Sheebah dedidated her Female artiste of the year award to her team The Sheebah Holics


Sheebah (In front) thanking all who voted her for The Female Artiste of the year

Judith heard

Socialite Judith Heard announces fellow socialite Zari as Best Showbizz personality


Daxx Kartel thanking Ragga Dee who awarded him the award of Song of year entitled ‘Baala’

Ghettho Kids

The Ghetto Kids like usual wowed the crowd with their unique dance strokes

However, some of the nominees who won like Juliana Kanyomoozi, Cindy, Ziza Bafana and Mose Radio were not there to pick up the awards but they were represented.

Check the list of award winners below

Best Inspirational Song of the year –Woman by Juliana Kanyomoozi

Best Music Producer of the Year- Nessim

Best Comedian of the year- MC Mariachi

Best Contemporary RnB artiste- Maro

Best Fans Team- Fire Base Army

Best Collabo Song of the year- Linda by Chris Evans and Rema

Best Stage Performer- Cindy Sanyu

Best Concert of the year- Kigwa Leero by Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

Best Rising Star- Daxx Kartel

Best Legendary Musician-Ragga Dee (Was not up for nomination)

Best Song Writer of the year- Mose Radio

Best Dancehall Artiste- Ziza Bafana

Best Luga Flow artiste- Gravity Omutujju

Best Female artiste Sheebah Karungi

Best Showbiz personality- Zari

Best Male artiste of the year- David Lutalo

Best Song of the year- Baala by Daxx Kartel

Best Afrobeat song -Baala by Daxx Kartel.

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