How To Regrow Hair Edges And Bold Spots At Home

If you’re like me and you went threw a phase where you made a bad decisions and went for those painful hairstyles that leave you with damaged edges or bald spots and you look bald!! then is is for you. Here is a simple recipe from your own kitchen to help you regain your hair edges and bold spots

This is a simple recipe i got off youtube from trish’s world’s channel, please check it out because now i know it actually works and all the ingredients can be found here in Kampala.

What you need is Shea butter, virgin organic coconut oil, make sure it is even when you mix then later add virgin olive may not mix well at first but continue and remember when pouring to make sure its even.

Then we add rosemary oil mixed with black castor oil, 25 drops of rosemary oil should do if you have an applicant. Add Jamaican black castor oil with lavender or pepperment oil, also 25 drops. it might not smell nice but add some pepper mint.

After all that seat it into hot water for  10-15 minutes to mix up and melt down. Make sure its not to thin but thick like a conditioner. I also use ORS shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner products.

U can use it as a wash out conditioner, and  leave-in conditioner (every time you wash your hair), a moisturiser (1-3 times a week), or a hot oil treatment( once a month).  It’s all according to what your hair needs.

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