How To Survive Your First Year At Campus As A Fresher

The transition from high school to University is always an exciting one for most of the people. The vacation has been too long and boredom has taken a toll on you. With universities opening in less than two weeks, most freshmen can hardly wait to embark on the new adventure at campus.

A journey that’s usually meant to be fun and life changing often times turns out the opposite for some people (not to scare you),  here’s a few tips on how to go about your first year at campus;

Report to your hostel or hall of residence on the designated date: Don’t wait to report with the continuing students. Reporting earlier gives you ample time to prepare yourself for the next week when official lectures begin.

Attend Orientation: During orientation, the university assigns a staff to show the new students around. During this time, you are able to know all the key places you need to know such as the main library, lecture rooms, administrative offices etc. This in the long run will save you a lot of time wasted asking for directions and most times you end up being directed to wrong places and you could miss lectures or important meetings.

Set your long term goals: Set goals you hope to achieve and project them to three or four or even five years depending on which course you are studying at university. Without any goals set, you are like a ship sailing without a campus.

Networking:  After university, most opportunities come through the friends and people you met in your university and high school days. Don’t burn bridges. You never know who will connect you to which job. Take time to make as many constructive friends and know as many people as you can.

Take advantage of all the free facilities that the university has to offer. Use the library, internet and seminars. Campus has so much to offer but often we realize this after joining the working world. However as you are at this, ensure to strike a balance between your books and free time.

Financial discipline and maturity: Campus life comes with a lot of freedom; this means ones expenditures aren’t questioned.  Most universities have bazaars and if not careful, all your pocket money can be spent in that one week. Learn to spend your money wisely, not only for food & clothes but also handouts/notes as most lecturers at university don’t dictate notes during class.

Attend all your lectures: Many people have a tendency to think that they will get serious in the final year and work for that first class degree then,  unfortunately at university, the journey to achieving a first class degree starts in year one. However much you may buy handouts, you may not understand as well as the person who attended lectures.

Watch who you hang out with while at University: This is the stage where your future is clearly spelt out; any grave mistakes may cost you your future. Bad character ruins good character, take responsibility for all your actions and be ready to account for whatever you do at campus one time in your life.

Stay healthy: Some people get obese and the others too thin. Don’t eat Rolex and kicomando day in, day out. Most hostels allow students to prepare their own meals, eat fruits/veggies, exercise, and get involved in sports activities around campus. Ensure to have a social life, hang out once in a while. Be fun. Don’t be boring.

Find a church, or mosque that you will always go to for your one on one time with God. Spiritual growth is an important aspect in life. Most churches and Mosques in Campus have activities organized for their youth.

Compiled by Maureen Guma


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