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Huddah Monroe Buys Her Self Bigger Boobs


Huddah Monroe, Kenyan socialite has been known to carried the ‘bad girl’ label courageously and never apologizing for her action.  She does what she wants as long as it makes her happy and some money, She has also been know to not back away from a fight and also doesn’t take any prisoners.

With that in mind this new makeup business woman as she often refers to herself was not shy to announce this month that got herself a breast enlargement plus some liposuction, the assumption is that after Big brother several years ago she has not been happy with the reviews her boobs have been getting, so she decided to do something about it.

Huddah refers her fans on Instagram to the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Group where she spent a whooping $10,545 just for those boobs. Wow we be the make up industry must be booming. The irony is that her very own long time nemesis Vera Sadiki also recommended the same clinic in Beverly hill for plastic surgery earlier on, Could Huddah have gotten the hook up from her? What surgery did Vera Sadiki get?



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