Huge Crowds As Chameleone Rocks Lugogo in Massive Tubonge Concert

Chameleone dressed as a Roma Gladiator worrior

Chameleone dressed as a Roma Gladiator worrior

Neither rain nor URA could stop the music doctor from putting up a massive concert at Lugogo cricket oval.The much anticipated show was marred by controversy just hours to the beginning of the show when URA officials armed with a warrant of distress, stormed the place to attach Chameleon’s Escalade over unpaid taxes amounting to about Shs7 m. He was busy rehearsing and testing his vocal range before being disrupted by the officials.

Chameleone was told that due to his outstanding VAT, they were impounding his SUV, which would only be released after paying the Shs7m he owes to URA. Chameleone offered to give any of his other cars like the BMW convertible, but the officials did not buy any of that.

“I’m ready to pay the taxes though they have to tell me how they arrived at that figure,” Chameleone said.

The show which was also about to be stopped by KCCA earlier due to noise pollution and security reasons, went on as planned. There was a massive turn out with fans thronging the venue as early as 6pm to get them

selves the best positions to enjoy the Badilisha singer. There were still long queues at the gates as late as 8.30 pm as people struggled to be part of what Chameleone himself referred to as ‘making history in East Africa’

The show kicked off as early as 8:00pm with the likes of AK47, David Lutalo, Big Eye, Mikie Wine, Bobi Wine, Eddy Kenzo, Mun G, Khalifa Aganaga and King Saha taking to the stage. Geoffrey Lutaaya, lutaya appearing for the first time on stage after his wedding and controversy of the split of Eagles production, received a huge roar from the crowed.He together with his wife were warmly welcomed on stage and put up a good performance.

However the biggest cheer was saved for the singing duo of Goodlyfe comprising Moseh Radio and Weasel TV. The two, who have not been in good terms with their former boss at Leone Island for long surprised many by honouring the latter’s invitation to perform. There was also another pleasant surprise act when another of the former ‘enemies’ Ghetto president Bobi Wine also appeared alongside his vice present Nubian Lee.They did a few songs and argued people to support local artists

City Designer Latif wowed the crowd when he fashioned two beautiful dresses in just six minutes as the crowd awaited the ‘bifuna kilalu’ machines to start working in airtel’s on going promotion which was taking place at the venue.

The evening however belonged to one person. And that is non other than the veteran music doctor himself who appeared on stage at about 9: 45pm. Dressed like a biblical Roman gladiator warrior complete with a protective armour, jacket and sword, Chameleone got on stage to wild cheers and ululations from the frenzied crowd that braved a late evening shower.

He performed a series of songs from his previous albums like Kipepeo, Mambo Bado, Bombooclat, Vumilia, Tingisha and many more others. In between performances, the lanky singer kept thanking his fans for turning up in big numbers and blasting local DJs for playing what he termed as ‘foreign music’ in favour of our own Ugandan Music.

“I detest all Ugandan DJs who play foreign music in night clubs.Why play Nigerian and Jamaican music when we have good music here” he wondered

Chameleone then took a break and returned to perform two pieces on saxophone that brought goose bumps and a few tears to some of the female fans who kept shouting ‘i love you’ among them was his dear lovely wife Daniela Atim who jumped and danced throughout the husbands performance. Swahili Nation of the Mpenzi fame also rewound the clock back with serous songs that dominated airwaves in early 2000.Chameleone then invited his friends to greet the fans among which was Tanzania’a TID. His son Abba also did a free style old school hip and thanked the dad’s fans for turning up in big numbers ’Big up to ya’ll’ he rapped

The show ended close to midnight with revellers relocating to club silk for the after party till morning.Majority af them looked happy with what they had experienced.

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