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‘I am A Hot Cake And The HEAT Is Killing Them’… Desire Luzinda Opens Up About Leaked Nude Photos

Ugandan singer Desire Luzinda has finally opened up about the leaked nude pictures that is circulating via social media and Whatsapp.


Desire insists that the lady in the pictures is not her as many tabloids had reported. She further says that haters are just trying to tarnish her name by leaking false pictures.

A very furious Desire Luzinda took to Facebook to quash the rumors which are spreading like a wild fire.

“When haters tried so hard to put down my concert with all sorts of terrible stories, I slapped them in the face with a very successful concert. Now that I am a hot cake and the HEAT is killing them, they have come up with a false nude pic,” she said.

“My dear haters, I am a born blessed winner and you can’t put me down. My skin is slightly lighter than that, my nose pin and tattoo would be showing in that posture and you should have at least put my face on that fake picture to make it look like me, how the hell did you forget that?”

Desire’s so called nude pictures join a list of several celebrities like, Zari, Judith Heard, Brenda Nambi, Cindy, Farouk Sempala and most recently Helen Lukoma, whose nude pictures were also leaked online.

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