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“I Am A Son Of The Soil”-GNL Zamba

Yesterday, information hit the web that GNL Zamba, the father of LugaFlow, had abandoned “the dusty streets of Kampala” for a better hustle in the United States. Unfortunately, the information crossed Mr Zamba’s path, and prompted a furious reaction from the star. He took to his Facebook and phrased a long emotional post in the best way he knows how; poetic lines and strong vocabulary.

GNL started by quashing the talk, saying he has not even held any sort of interview with the source of the information, and thus it was totally false. Clearly, GNL took offence in the statement, and he felt he needed to explain his position to the public as a public figure and board member.


GNL performs back in the day

He mentioned a number of tracks that he has done, and their impact on society. These included ‘Story ya Lukka’ which was counseling against stigma, ‘Ensi bwe’kuba Blow’ which instigated the virtue of perseverance among others which he termed as an inspiration for the youth and society at large. He also boasted of crafting most of his works in the native Luganda language, which stood as proof for his love and respect for the soil.


GNL while in the US

Aptly, he used an analogy of Basketball, saying there could be no Michael Jordan without courts, coaches, balls, fans and many more aspects. Likewise, he is like Jordan, his court is Kampala but he has to go elsewhere to find the other facilities that will make him even better, but whatever the case, Kampala is his home.

Currently, GNL is in the states, in parts of Baltimore, New York and Washington rehearsing for presentations and working on his new Opus, “Dreaming in Colour”

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