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“I Am A Very Big Fan Of Radio And Weasel.” Nigerian Artiste Orezi Confirms

Esegine Allen (born 28 March 1986), better known by his stage name Orezi, is a Nigerian musician from Delta State. He rose to prominence with his song “Rihanna” in 2013. The first born in a family of five, Orezi has so far won the Nigerian Music video Awards as Best Reggae dancehall artiste and South Music Award 2014, Abuja Meritorious Music Awards (AMMA Award) in 2013 and has been nominated in the Channel O music awards and Nigerian Entertainment Awards among others. We caught up with the African hip hop, Reggae and dance-hall artiste in a one on one interview.

For anyone out there who doesn’t know Orezi. Briefly describe yourself?

I’m a cool, calm, collected and talented brother, I love to chill , I’m a TV addict, I love beautiful women and enjoy making music, I’m always in the studio.

What does Orezi mean in your local language?

Orezi means destined to be great.

How does it feel to be the first born in your family and taking music as a career?

Being the 1st born in my family actually makes feel great , it makes feel the need to always work hard because I have siblings to take care of and mentor , I have to be a good elder brother so they can learn from me but most importantly, it gives me the sense of responsibility. Choosing music as a career is God’s given I just followed God’s calling.

Orezi use

Ozeri is a big fan of Ugandans Radio and Weasel

What were you doing before joining the music industry?

Before joining the music industry I was just a normal guy who had just graduated from University.

Other artistes join the music industry at an early age. Why did it take you long to join?

Lol. That was when I realized that music was my dream so I had to chase it.

Which is your best song among those you released?

I can’t say which the best amongst all my songs is because I love all of them. I put in much effort on all the songs but I would say one of my favorite is “RIHANNA”.

Why did you decide to do Dancehall among the different music genres?

Of all the genres of music existing in the world dancehall is the one I love the most and it’s my most comfortable genre of music I make dancehall tunes with ease.

Nigeria has a very big population with most youths taking music as a career. How different are you from the rest of the artistes?

My sounds are different. You can never hear an Orezi song that sounds like any other artiste , my choice of lyrics , beat , flow are all different from the rest.

For starters, why music for a career?

Music is the only thing that gives me joy and fulfillment so I would trade music over anything and besides, you get paid to do what you like.

For an artiste to be considered successful back here in Uganda, he/she has to have actively been in the game for not less than five years, they should have more than 10 hit songs and have at least two sold out concerts in their career. How is it over there in Nigeria?

I Nigeria, being successful as an artist means you have made several hit songs and your fame equates to your BANK ACCOUNT lol.

In what ways is the Nigerian music industry different from that of the rest of African countries you’ve been too?

Well, I think there is a lot. Our population plays a big part, there is a lot of involvement from corporate brands which makes the industry the richest in Africa and that obviously make Nigerian artistes the richest on the continent.

Your “Rihana” song was a massive hit in Uganda. Tell us the story behind it?

Rihanna was just a song I was trying to make during valentine 2013. I was just trying to do something for the ladies and it just went viral after its release.

Which Ugandan artistes do you know?

I know a couple of Ugandan artistes. I know Lilian Mbabazi , Juliana , Radio and Weasel and Atlas.

Which artiste would you have a collaboration with from East Africa?

I have already featured Lilian Mbabazi on one of the singles yet to be released titled “only you” which is a massive tune you should watch out for. But I would love to do a song with Radio and Weasel because I’m a big fan of their music. I also love Jose chameleon’s “wale wale “.

When are you planning to come to Uganda?

2016, I would be coming to Uganda to do my own concert.

What do you know about Uganda?

I know Uganda is a beautiful place and Ugandan women got big Ass. Lol.

What are your last words to your fans in Uganda?

They should keep supporting Orezi, they should go buy the album “THE GEHNGEHN ALBUM” and also watch out for my concert next year. My Ugandan fans should follow me on Twitter @iamorezi, Instagram @alhajiorezi. I love all my Ugandan fans. Bless

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