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“I Am An African Star, Gravity Omutujju Is Just Kampala Level”-Navio Finally Responds

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

We be wouldn’t  be wrong to say that rapper Gravity Omutujju started a war of sorts following the release of his recent controversial song ‘Black Panther’ in which he did not  only attack some veteran Ugandan rappers but also dissed them in a nasty and unprofessional way that most people have come out to bash.

In the song, Gravity was shameless to compare himself with, on top of dissing four veteran rappers namely Navio, Rocky Giant, Babaluku and GNL Zamba. If you have had time to listen to the song, you will testify that he attacked Navio in a way that may make you think whether the two have personal and strong differences (beef)

He undermined Navio alleging that he is a mummy’s boy who is still being taken care of by his mother Dr Maggie Kigozi. He adds saying that Navio’s mother is the one who paid dowry and got him the wife he has plus how she will be the same person to take care of their children. Nhumm

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As if that is not enough, basing on the fact that Navio in half Ugandan half white, at some point Gravity called him a ‘nkoko nzungu’ which is Luganda language for white chicken and this to many people has been considered so racist of Gravity. So where did this whole hatred come from?

“You know when your career is going down and you have a concert at the end of the year and you are feeling the pressure from the Fik Famaica and other proper rappers, you try and do whatever you can to save your career” Navio told Chano8

It should be noted that sometime back, Gravity had an interest in joining Navio’s crew dubbed Navcorp but that did not happen because that was time Navio traveled abroad. Could this be one of the reasons Gravity dissed Navio following his impatience?

I don’t know whether it is because we refused to sign him back in the days or is it because we refused a collabo with him. I had left the country for a while and when I came back, he was already doing well and I would even invite him to all my shows always making sure I can support him. I think he decided to do this to get attention

Chano8 further asked Navio whether he is planning on replying Gravity Omutujju with a reply song and here is what he said.

“No no no, I am an African Star he is a Kampala star”

The question is, will Gravity Omutujju who has not yet sunk his roots deeper on the local and international market contain the pressure should the other artistes he dissed in his tune decide to fire back?

Listen to the Black Panther song by Gravity Omutujju below


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