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“I Am Going To Give Fans My Best Till I Die”- Denis Rackla Speaks Out

Denis Rackla is one of the RnB singers we have and he has been on the music scene from 2005, following the release of a song dubbed ‘Cinderella’ featuring Ragga artiste Tool Man. The track did pretty well for the two, including earning for them a big fun base that time.

He is that artiste who takes his time to work on a song(s), Song writing is one of the skills Denis has and he has written songs for artistes like songstresses Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru among many others. Chano8 conducted a question and answer interview with him and this is what he had to say.


Artiste, music producer and song writer Denis Rackla

Chano8: We have not heard from Denis Rackla for a couple of years now, what have you been working on?

Right now I have a new song called ‘Twevugemu’. It means let’s take a ride and I have another one called ‘Tulo Tulo’. Twevugemu’s video is out already, Tulo Tulo will be coming out soon and am working on new artistes and am writing music for allot of people. Am not lost but I have been working on other projects like other artistes’. Am a producer, a musician and a song writer. You might not see me on stage but you will see me in some other person’s lyrics.

Chano8: We hear you are a producer too, should we assume you embarked on music production instead of singing?

Music is a passion and a feeling. I can never sing without a feeling, when I get it, I will definitely do a song which is what I have done now .There is no year I haven’t released a song but I didn’t chose a any sector and at the end of the day, it is all about making money, if am making money in production, why not go for that?

Chano8: Which artistes have you worked with?

Iryn Namubiru, Juliana Kanyomoozi, Qute Kaye, Henry Tigan, Desire Luzinda, Priscilla Kalibala, Halima Namakula, Remah Namakula, Shamim Kinla, Lian The Artiste, Pretty Glo, Shantal Baby. They are very many, I can’t remember everybody now.

Chano8: What are you now cooking?

I have a new album called ‘Munsoonda’ but the album title track called ‘Munsoonda’ is not yet out. I keep it for a reason. Right now two songs ‘Tweevugemu’ and ‘Tulo Tulo’ are out.


Chano8: We are also told you manage so many artistes, is this true? If yes, who are they?

Actually, you might take it like that but I just pick on an artiste and may be try to help him or her as far as I can and when I see that they are fit enough, I let them go. I don’t pin myself to the artiste. Right now am working with Shantal Baby and nobody else.

Chano8: Which Ugandan artistes are you wishing to work with and why?

Am free to work with every artiste who really appreciates my work, if you like my music and you want to do something with me, you come over but I have already worked with Shantal Baby and we have a collabo song.

Chano8: Share with us your inspiration to do music?

I don’t want to lie about that. Me, I see things in a different way. I can wake up and think of something and from there I get an idea. I don’t have a specific kind of inspiration.

Chano8: What are your last remarks to your fans?

My fans, I want to thank you for supporting Ugandan Music, Supporting Denis Rackla, the music I do, write for other people and produce. Thank you for dancing to my tunes and am going to give you the best of me musically till I die.

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