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“I Am Happy And Contented” – Chameleone On Why He No Longer Fights With Other Artistes

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Although some people take veteran singer Jose Chameleone for a ‘violent person’, we cannot side with them because we don’t know him personally.

However, all we know is that back in the days, Chameleone used to be involved in physical fights with fellow artistes and good examples are Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. For some reason, we no longer hear of these fights anymore which is a cool thing.

In a recent interview on Galaxy FM’s “Big Bang” show, the “Badilisha” singer threw light on why he is no longer involved in fights with any artiste.

He first explained that the main thing that used to spark off the fights was the disrespect that artistes he fought with used to show him.

 Those days the disrespect was too much, you have bought a new car and Fire Base guys come and smear things on it, what would you do? Explained horse voiced Chameleone

Chamleone who in April made 42 believes that he has outgrown the stage of fighting and moved away from it.

“I believe that everyone grows up in life and there is a stage we have to outgrow. We moved away from that. I sometimes see artistes threatening each other  thinking that they are beefing, that is cabbage, for us we had real beef but left that.” He added

On why he is humble these recent years, this what he had to say. “Do you know why I became humble? I am happy and contented with who I am. There is no one I want to prove anything to, live your life I leave my life”

Happy and contented Chameleone is no longer involved in fights with other artistes







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