“I am No Where Without Eddy Kenzo And I Need Him” – Pia Pounds Opens Up About Love And Music

With BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo trying to put the final touches to the process of elevating his Big Talent crew into a formidable record label, one of the missing pieces of the jigsaw he felt would complete the whole puzzle was Pia Pounds. A raw and untested talent he recently signed, the undeniably beautiful and curvaceous young lady turned heads more to do with things outside of her music than what she was actually signed for at Big Talent Entertainment.

Pia Pounds real names Tracy Kirabo spoke to Chano8 about her musical journey so far and (working) relationship with boss Eddy Kenzo, love and life in general. Here is what she had to say;

Chano8:  Muyembe or Delicious? Which one best describes you?

Ndi Pia Pounds, an artist in Big Talent, one with dreams bigger than just Muyembe or Delicious.

Chano8:  It is now a while since you came on the music scene. How has it been for you?

It’s been great, 2019 has been generous to me. The industry feels beautiful and challenging at the same time. I’ve learnt to work even harder.

Chano8:  Now that you’re there. Are you meeting your expectations?

It is 50/50. The more I feel like my expectations are being met, the more the world expects more from me. So the struggle is tight.


Pia Pounds was recently signed to Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent Entertainment.

Chano8:  Give us a brief experience working with Big Talent?

It’s amazing. Never felt so loved and taken care of. Big Talent handles my career and that’s everything I’ve ever needed. Our relationship is strong and I’d give anything to keep it that way.

Chano8:  With Big Talent, do you feel you have ‘arrived?’

Arrived where? (Laughs) with big talent I can see my dream clearer. I feel like now, in any moment I will be where I want to be.

Chano8:  How has music impacted your life now?

There’s been a great change. Multitasking music with my personal life has been challenging. Handling the media and how people around me see me after all that’s written about me. I’ve made great friends; I’ve had to have many people believe in me even more and many bringing me down. But that’s the way it should be, feels so alive. I am happy.

The new talent has already featured in some songs alongside her Boss

Chano8:  You have released various songs. So far which is your best?

‘Delicious’ is so far making my fans dance the most. But all my songs are amazing (for me).

Chano8:  Music fans were at first not happy with the way singer Eddy Kenzo was pushing your music career. How did this affect you?

He has to push me and he will because it’s business. He has invested his money in me and he has to get it back. Without promotion there won’t be returns. Am begging those that aren’t happy with how Eddy Kenzo pushes me to kindly give me a chance. I am no where without Eddy and I need him that’s why I signed that contract in the first place. So Bambi munsaasile, if this is the way my career began, I pray I succeed.

Happy Moments after Pia signed for Big Talent. Has it been a smooth ride there after?

Chano8:  Do you sometimes sit down with your boss Kenzo and talk about fans reactions.

A lot. Sometimes we read comments together and laugh. At first the comments would bother me and I would be scared, I would cry. But he educated me about it all and I’ve grown an emotional muscle to handle all sorts of news.

Chano8:  Let’s talk about ‘Delicious’. Music fans believe you have a hidden message behind the song. Is it true?

Let them find that hidden message. I am not sure if I know what you are talking about.

Her sexy body has given the tabloids more material to discuss than her talent in music.

Chano8:  Who wrote Delicious song for you?

I did – with a help of a great writer called Zed and Kuseim the producer.

Chano8:  There has been alleged tension between you and your boss’s wife Rema. How true is this allegation?

Wife? Eddy Kenzo isn’t married.

And I love and find Rema an inspiration. She is a very hardworking woman who has incredible love for everyone around her. I look up to her a lot. The tension is between our fans not us.

Chano8: Also Ugandans say ‘Delicious’ song is a perfect reply to Rema’s ‘Sili Muyembe’.

I sang ‘Delicious’ just like any other song and I wasn’t replying anything or anybody.

Chano8:   Lastly, tell us about your new projects coming up

A lot is coming up. Just need more of your support and love nange nveeyo.


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