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“I Am Not Ashamed Of My Story”- Desire Luzinda Shares More About Her Nudes That Leaked

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A few days ago, singer Desire Luzinda spoke out about the new life she is living after overcoming her nudes and sex tape leakage saga.

The leaked nudes and sex tape incident happened in 2014 when she was still in love with a Nigerian man Franklin Emuober.

There were calls for her arrest by the them Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo over the matter although she defended herself before him and said that it wasn’t her that leaked then but rather  Franklin.

Since then, her music career kind of became retarded. In 2019, she left Uganda for the United States of America where pursed a two year nursing course until when she came back a few months ago and launched a charity Foundation named Desire Luzinda Foundation.

Speaking to BBC News Africa program The Comb recently, she told their reporter Isaac Mumena that she has moved on and completely changed by adopting a Christian way of life.

“Some people do still look at me in a certain way. Others look at me as a sex object and others see me as a crazy woman who has no shame,” she said

She told them that she is not afraid to tell her story because it wasn’t her fault. It was an incident her ex-boyfriend used to revenge against her when they had a bitter breakup

“I’m not ashamed of my story, If you are, the door is wide open and hey, do not stand in the door way you are blocking the traffic,” she added.

She also said it is the reason why she rebranded herself by doing gospel and inspirational music plus launching her charity organization because it is the only platform she uses to link up with her true fans and she is supporting the vulnerable children and women in Uganda.



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