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I Am Not Illuminati – Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone has denounced all reports linking him to the illuminati saying he’s Catholic.

According to our sources, Jose Chameleone came out to quash the rumors after he was accused of sacrificing his own brother AK47 who passed away last week. The source also goes on to say that, other tabloids have recently accused him of giving a list of the Illuminati members to the Police which only meant he’s part of them.

Jose Chameleone sick and tired of the rumors.

Jose Chameleone sick and tired of the rumors.

This wasn’t taken lightly by the Wale Wale star who has grown sick and tired of the haters tarnishing his name. In a statement he shared with his fans the singer said,

‘People will define you,Forgetting that you best know yourself! I am JOSEPH that’s if you didn’t know. Call me whatever you wish.Tell lies, My works will speak the TRUTH.’

This isn’t the first time haters have tried to destroy Chameleone using these conniving ways, they tried after his magic trick of cutting his own finger but they didn’t get the audience. This time round they went too far, the singer who still grieving the loss of his brother just had to set the record straight,

‘I can’t believe how we are losing More than just Morals- But even Cultural Values which are the Basic definitions of who we are-Africans. It’s become of a Hunt of opportunity and we must be ready for parasites. Money has become an excuse that losers use to blame hardworking people,‘ he said.

To further to drive his point across, Jose Chameleone said ‘Some of us are built on pillars of God given ability that nobody can take away. I am Catholic NOT illuminati. And will never be.’

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