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“I Am Not In A Relationship With Geosteady”- Lydia Jazmine Says

Music artistes will do just anything to promote their songs, videos or concerts. It is alleged that in 2010, Grace Nakimera pulled an acid stunt to get people sympathy votes to attend her concert when she shared the same show-date with the Goodlyfe.

And during the last Kadanke Grand Final event that happened last weekend, artistes Lydia Jazmine and Geosteady shared a kiss on stage to the bafflement of the audience.


Lydia Jazmine and Geosteady sharing a good time on stage at the recent Kadanke Grand Final

This happened when they were performing their latest collabo known as ‘Same way’ which they are promoting but according to Jazmine, the kissing bit was part of the script but there is nothing going on between both of them.


Lydia Jazmine and Geosteady perfoming their ‘Same Way’ collabo song

“Geosteady has a fiancée and she’s my good friend. It’s true we shared a light kiss on the stage but it was just part of the script. We intended to do it to promote our song.” She confided in us.

Already, rumour had started moving around how the two are now dating after those incidents but if you happen to see them kiss again at some point these days, just know they are still promoting the song.


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