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“I Am Not In A Rush To Marry”- Controversial Frank Gashumba

Just like the public has,we have also always asked ourselves why motor-mouthed Frank Gashumba plays both roles of being Shiellah Gashumba’s father and mother at the same time.

We got the answer a few days ago when Frank admitted to being single at the moment and how he is steadily taking his precious time when it comes to relationships.

Many men of his age and caliber are happily settled down with their wives  surprisingly but the ‘Sisimuka Uganda’ CEO is still looking for the perfect woman to settle down.

“I am not married and I won’t in a few years to come. There are many qualities I look out in a woman and so far I haven’t gotten anyone with them.” he said.

Frank Gashumba adds that getting married is a lifetime commitment one makes so no one should joke about it.

He has two biological children and he is also a guardian to a girl who was badly burnt with boiling water by her stepmother many years ago, Aisha Nabukera. Gashumba has lived his life taking care of his children, providing them with the best things in life.

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