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‘I am Only Focusing On Music’-Fik Fameica Brushes Aside Clashes With Promoters

It is all over in the news papers, tabloids and other entertainment news outlets that rapper Fik Fameika has been snubbing some shows which he was booked for under unclear circumstances.

Some of the shows he reportedly snubbed include one in Masaka at Club Tervern, Ice Cream And Cake Festival and a recent one in Bujjuko which was one of a series that music promoter known as Kabanda had booked and paid Fik’s management Ug Shs 10 million for him to perform

It is reported that Fik’s no show in Bujjuko led to destruction of property at the venue (Horizon Gardens Bujjuko) as well as robbing of a nearby supermarket by irate fans. It is on this note that Kabanda decided to report the case to Police and he wants Fik and his manager arrested, so that they can cough out Ug Shs 50 Million as a fine

Meanwhile as all this has been happening, Fik and his manager Karma Ivan have been tightlipped. It was even rumoured that Karma went in hiding but we cannot confirm that however. Chano8 managed to get Fik Fameica talking and he told our reporter his side of this saga

Fik Fameica is unbothered about what is going on

The ‘Kachima’ singer who recently hosted his fans at his first concert dubbed My Journey is actually unbothered as his only focus is on music and fans

“I don’t know about anything. It’s all about them and management. I am only focusing on my music and my fans but I know all is going to be okay” Fik Fameica told Chano8 in an exclusive interview

Rapper Fik Fameica is bothered about the clashes with music promoters attacking him for snubbing shows

Fik’s explanation to the promoters attempting to sue him instead of his manager is based on the fact that he didn’t sign any contracts with them which could probably explain his no show at the said shows

However, the question is. Wasn’t he told by the manager after receiving the booking fee?

Now that Fik Fameica has managed to make his way to the list of the most sought after local artistes as well as being one of the artistes who get the crowd crazy at shows, he needs a management which is very supportive and one which will not let him down.


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