“I Am Over You”- A Pass Assures Haters As He Shows off His Ride

A Pass’ recent Arua visit turned into a nightmare after his car broke down at time he was going to drive back to Kampala. The Dancehall singer was definitely forced to tow the car and the rest is now history as the car is back on the road

Still about the car, on Thursday, basing from his residence, the ‘Didadada’ singer was in public show of his car in what he termed as the ‘Outerior Car Tour’, as he bragged about being the ‘King’ as well as claiming that his car is the best in town

“This is A Pass the King, I am not a queen that you know already, anyway there is not much I am going to show you, I am just going to take you for a car tour. Outerior not the interior” Proud A Pass said before walking to the ride in its parking lot.

“What you see here is the most beautiful car, It’s the best in town, it’s mine, it’s not yours and I am here to encourage you to work hard, you got to work hard you can have the car like me. There is nothing to get jealous about” A Pass said as he spoke with a trying American accent

He finalised his ‘Outerior Car Tour’ to fans and haters with a message to haters. “I know the haters are going to say this and that saying I am showing off, I am over you”

As usual, this post that saw him brag about his car wouldn’t be interesting without the social media reaction.

One Facebook user know identified as Shanai Bronks commented and said “Msteeeeeewww.. Can’t believe i wasted ma data en ott on yr nosense… As if yr de onli one with a car in the whole city”



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