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‘I Am The Only One On This Year’s List Of The Best’ – A Pass Dares Bebe Cool

A few months ago, artistes A Pass and Bebe Cool appeared on Miles Rwamiti’s Koona show on Spark TV and A Pass publically declared that he has to be on Bebe Cool’s list this year. In fact he said it’s the only thing he is going to work hard for.

This was after he didn’t make it on last year’s list of the best artistes in Uganda made by Bebe Cool that got everyone talking. However, the musician has changed his mind on Bebe Cool’s list.

He has promised to make his own list which he says is going to be the only ‘valuable one’ since no artiste deserves to be there apart from himself.

“Before this year ends I will have organized a list of top musicians in Uganda but to be honest with the research we have done so far we only have one artist on the list, only one and his name is A Pass….,” he said.

A Pass is a Multi-award winning artiste

He further drew daggers on Zuena’s hubby and father to her children saying that he is no longer driving the industry like he used to. “And am shocked that you’re shocked that my friend is not the one making the list this time naye everyone can see am in charge of the music industry this year, when you have a song like Dumpa wine  you can’t make a list.”

Bebe Cool being interviewed by Ramiti. He made the list of artistes he though performed well last year

A Pass and Bebe Cool’s friendship has been on and off especially when ever the former throws jibes at the latter on social media. It also reached an extent where the ‘Katono’ musician warned A Pass to stop posting things regarding him. A Pass has written for Bebe Cool a number of songs including ‘Byebyo’ and ‘African Girl’ among others.


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