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“I Can’t Be Compared To Michael Ezra”-Bryan White

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The name Michael Ezra rings a bell in everyone’s head. He was the first socialite to throw money around and he was different from these other socialites who came after him. He used to splash it in dollars and at some point, he even gave some company a blank cheque, as well as dishing out money to Uganda Cranes Players.

This was enough to consider him the greatest and everyone who came after was compared to him. Socialites like Bad Black, SK Mbuga, Meddie Sentongo and the late Ivan Ssemwanga have all been compared to Ezra. So is it the case with Bryan White who is driving the social scene now?

While appearing on one of the local  radio stations a few days back, Bryan White advised critics to stop comparing him to Ezra because they do things differently. “You can’t compare me to Ezra. He just used money to show off but never helped any one or solve any local problems” Bryan White 

He added that unlike Ezra, he is using his money to empower the youth from poverty through his Bryan White Foundation.

“My foundation is working on how to better the lives of Ugandan citizens, basically I have looked at the youths and we are engaging and training them on how to manage and use finances plus other local available resources to become successful. I heard that Mike Ezra wanted to buy English football club Leeds United but how was that going to benefit the Ugandan Economy?” Brian White stressed.

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