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I Define Success Differently – A Pass

Thought to be the next big thing in the entertainment industry, A Pass has had quite a tremendous journey and by the look of things, he’s destined for great things ahead.

The artiste soon after releasing the video of his anticipated wuuyo track last week in Guvnor, had some interesting comments about his career so far more specifically the success bit of it.

A Pass destined for greatness

A Pass destined for greatness

The “tulikubigele” artiste clarified that he’s definition of success is way different from how other artistes define it. “My definition of success is not about money but rather about the impact my music makes in society. You can’t define success with money because it comes and goes but artiste’s like the late Philly Lutaya are legends in the music industry because of their contribution to society through music. We are singing to his songs every year during Christmas periods.”

He added that people criticize him for not performing on several shows and that he’s missing out on money but he said he earns much more through other avenues like endorsement deals with Airtel and another with Pepsi to be confirmed soon.

The Badi studio CEO also said as another source of his income starting this year, he will be charging five million shillings to write a single song and this is comes after the success of Bebe Cool’s Everywhere I go which he wrote.   “We are in the third month of the year but I decided to restructure my charges of song writing to 5million. Everywhere I go is doing well both locally and internationally but besides that, I wrote five more songs for Bebe Cool last year and they are going to be released soon.”

Asked about his view on the several awards held every year in the industry, A pass said awards in Uganda are friendly basis. “They award someone basing on what he adds to the company. No offense to the organizers of several awards but there is no value added to my career with awards.”

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