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‘I Demand An Apology’ – Singer Lydia Jazmine Not Happy With Mc Ibrah ‘For Cyber-Bullying’ Her

With Cyber-bullying now becoming very rampant in the country, the subject has since become a hot topic of debate on mainstream and social media. With the likes of Socialite Sheila Gashumba and Boyfriend God’s Plan featuring prominently on most of the discussions especially after accusing Urban Tv presenter Tina Fierce for constantly abusing them.

Irene Ntale and a few other ‘victims have also come out to speak about the vice. But it is Lydia Jazmine the latest of the local celebrities to speak out after suffering for long in silence. This is after a one Mc Ibrah said some really uncouth things about her live on Television.

The Tv presenter appearing on his gossip program ‘Wolokoso Extra’ on Star TV, according to the singer, said derogatory things about her and is not happy with the alleged constant attacks which have “deeply affected her mother, family and friends”.

Mc Ibra also a YouTube creator whose full name is Ibrah K. Mukasa, according to Jazmine is a tweet, is said to have constantly attacked and dragged her name in dirt which has affected her sick mother, family and friends, something that has caused her tension with her people and is depressing her.

Mc Ibrah is the man accused of Cyber-bullying

The said attacks by the presenter who commands a fair following of gossip fans and rumour mongers caused the “Masuuka” singer lots of pain although she had decided to play it cool but now demands full apology as it is getting out of hand.

“I am hurt and pained by the way this man has constantly attacked me and dragged my name in the dirt. My sick mother, family and friends have been affected deeply by this. She wrote

She added that she never indulges in petty fights on and off social media but this time it has gone too far. She demands a full apology and wants Uganda Communication Commission to take action on the presenter whose behavior is unbecoming. As well as end shows that humiliates celebrities.

“I don’t fight with people all i do is my music and mind my own business. You all know me, I never respond or fight anybody, I have always kept my silence but I Am human and this has brought so much pain to me.

I ask for a full apology for all these insults. UCC needs to put a stop to such shows! Share this post until it gets to the people concerned!!” She concluded.


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